Advance Consultations to Ensure Your Wedding Photos will look Stunning

Several of the members of our team at Andrew Kitt Photography initially started life out as independent wedding photographers in Essex. Part of the problem with working independently is that you can be rushed off your feet trying to take on all the work you can, sometimes shooting 3 weddings in a single weekend and arranging numerous mid-week meetings and engagement shoots. This means that the necessary care and attention that every couple deserves is not always delivered. As we are a team of wedding photographers, we are able to distribute jobs amongst ourselves so that every wedding has its own dedicated photographer who can devote the necessary time and effort into all planning, consulting, coordinating, shooting and developing activities that arise before and after weddings.

One of the popular services that we offer is an advanced consultation. This involves a detailed discussion, preferably in person (although phone and Skype conversations are possible in special circumstances), of the venue that you have chosen for your wedding, the number of guests that you are having, the running order of the day, the hours you would like us to be present and the specific photos that you would like us to take. The consultation also gives us the opportunity to talk about unique ideas for some creative shots that will get the best out of your venue and your guests. What’s more, the consultation lets us get to know each other better, so that you can understand our preferred methods of work and we can begin to formulate ideas about the style of wedding photography that will best suit your personality.

If necessary, more than one consultation can be carried out, although a single detailed meeting is usually sufficient for us to develop fairly accurate plans. The importance of the consultations is that we see our job as a collaboration with you. This is, after all, your special day and so you have the right to request and suggest whatever you want – we simply use our expertise to advise you on what may or may not work. So if you want to compile a list of the exact photos that you want to be taken on the day, then your wish is our command! Alternatively, if you simply want to sit back and let us shoot as we see best, then, again, your wish is our command! Whatever approach we collectively decide on, you can rest assured that the final product will be amazing wedding photos that you can treasure for the rest of your lives.