Dedication and Care are the Two Reasons why Couples Love our Work

Wedding photography has been a rapidly developing business over the last few years. Sadly, this means that a lot of people working in the industry simply aren’t up to scratch and, in some cases, they can give wedding photographers a bad name. We’ve heard stories of photographers getting drunk, leaving early, being intrusive, being inappropriate, or simply not producing very good images. At Andrew Kitt Photography, these behaviours couldn’t be more opposite to how we run our wedding photography service. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and consider our reliability, punctuality and friendliness to be essential aspects of our job (alongside our natural talent for taking amazing wedding photos!).

Every single member of our team is completely committed to producing beautiful photographic pictures that tell the emotional and scenic story of your wedding day. Our main priority as one of Essex’s finest wedding photography companies is ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with the amazing photos that we produce for them. In order to accomplish this, it is essential that we put you – the bride & groom – completely at ease so that you can simply concentrate on enjoying yourselves and having a wonderful day. If you are having a great time then our work is much easier as your happiness will shine through all of the photos.

Hopefully it will quickly become clear if you hire us as your wedding photographers that we genuinely care about all of our clients. We know how important wedding days are for every couple that we deal with and our main hope is that you have an amazing day to start off a lifetime of happiness with one another. If we can contribute to this in our own small way by taking beautiful photos to capture your wedding story, then we will do everything in our power to make sure that these photos are the very best that we are capable of!